Our Services
Utilizing the Shiny Buffer tool, we can give you a beautiful, natural-looking nail.
Are you worried about nail damage from gel polish? We use regular lacquer nail polish to change your color any time, either by yourself or make an appointment for color change.
Gel polish gives you a natural-looking, shiny, long-lasting nail.
Allergic to powder or purple liquid ? We offer a powder substitute, Builder Gel, and T.A.P. products.
We offer an alternative to UV light exposure by using the nail dipping method.
Like to change color or design with each fill? We utilize acrylic powder and gel polish to provide a strong nail for long-lasting color and design.
Acrylic, Ombre color blending provides long-lasting nails with perfect shape and no chipping. This option offers an ideal nail canvas for a large variety of nail designs.


Express manicure$25

This is our best-selling go-to manicure. Nails and cuticles are expertly trimmed, shaped, and finished with a light massage. Perfect your nails further with a nail polish of your choice!

Anti-Aging manicure $65

Some of the most visible signs of aging develop first on the hands. The Anti-Aging Manicure is a luxurious manicure that completely treats the hands, nails, and cuticles. Mini bath bombs thoroughly cleanse your hands, help replenish moisture and soften skin cuticle.
Our new “charcoal – neem” mask – a unique combination of ingredients that are best known for their anti-aging properties will diminish fine lines and wrinkles and even your skin tone. Restore your skin by 6 minutes of scrub treatment. Then your hands will be wrapped in collagen masks that provide firmness and elasticity to the skin. You will receive Healing Herbal Wraps for neck, hands and feet during a 10-minute massage with hot stones. Finish off the luxurious treatment with baby soft skin and freshly treated nails.

Detox manicure $37

Our detox manicure is the ultimate relaxation, including cleaning, shaping, cuticle care followed by exfoliation with a scented caviar scrub for 4 minutes, hot towels and paraffin wraps to boost the moisture levels of the skin.
The unique massage technique extra 4 minutes leaves your hands soft, supple and revitalized. Finish off the glamorous treatment with freshly painted nails.

Reliere Stress manicure$49

Start your relaxing manicure off by soaking your hands in bath bombs which are loaded with essential oils, rich moisturizing ingredients, and drool-worthy aromas. Our paraffin treatment is great for healing dry and cracked hands, making them silky and smooth again.
Enjoy a 6-minute scrub and 6 minutes of more relaxing massage with hot stones to alleviate stress, then your hands will be wrapped with a collagen mask to soften, deeply hydrate and moisturize your skin.


Wonderland Pedicure $35

A marvelous warm foot bath is followed by nail and cuticle care, dead skin removal until the soles of your feet are entirely smooth, 2 minutes of scrub with caviar. Hot stones and 4-minute massage help alleviate stress, reduce foot pain and benefit your overall health.

Delight Pedicure $52

Relax in a bath soak with sea salt, lemon, and flowers to invigorate and balance. The scrub is then massaged onto your skin using a circular motion to help exfoliate dry and hardened skin for 5 minutes.
Indulge into an additional 7 minutes of hot stone massage. Finish off the luxurious treatment with freshly painted nails.
Choose any scent you love in our bucket.

Paradise Pedicure$63

Signature treatment!
Start your luxurious pedicure off in an aromatherapy warm spa bubbly bath of flowers. Scented scrubs will soften your skin with a gentle massage by professional staff for 7 minutes then your toenails are cleansed of excess cuticles, filed, and shaped. 6 hot stones with a 10-minute massage soothe and relax tense muscles. Further indulge in a warm paraffin foot wax that keeps your feet deeply moisturized. Glistening polish finishes this “foot facial”, sending you away with gorgeous toes and velvety skin to delight!
Choose any scent you love in our bucket.

"Be An Angel" Pedicure $74

If you are experiencing any kind of stress lately then believe us this pedicure will work like a magic and will treat your bad mood.
Start the treatment with the grooming of the nails that ensure nails and cuticles are nourished followed by a relaxing 9 minutes gentle scrub to the legs and feet. Calluses are safely removed. This treatment will help moisturize dry skin, soothe minor muscle and joint aches, assist muscle tension with 6 hot stones for legs and 8 baby stones between your toes, and give you the ultimate CBD stress relief experience for your feet with a 12 minutes massage. Enjoy the subtlety of Collagen sock for feet which allows deep hydration and intense muscular relaxation to recover an unexplored softness! Finish with mask wrapping by Aromatic hot towel and end up with wonderful polish of your choice

"Regal Special" Pedicure $99

“Regal Special” is truly a unique and fun spa experience for relaxation using (heat) therapy - an upgrade for regular foot soak to a satisfying name “Gel - Ohm Jelly!”
This non- intoxicating jelly pedicure delivers an intense dose of moisture to help calm skin and bring relaxation. It provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles, enhances blood circulation in so much as bathing in a hot spring. This new bio-activated neem-charcoal mask has been reformulated to help your feet become brighter and smoother - we promise!
Please do not forget to take a nap during 12 minutes of moderate scrub. A deep 18-minute massage gives you the ultimate relaxation. We also provide for “Regal’s clients” with Healing Herbal Wraps for neck, hands and feet.
Finish off the glamorous treatment with baby soft skin and freshly treated nails.

Nail Enhancements

Sculpture NewSet


Gel Color $52

Power Color $50

Acrylic toes$60

Acrylic toes Wonderland$80

Sculpture Fill-in


Gel Color $47

Power Color $45

Hard Gel

Builder gel -T.A.P gel fill-in $60

Builder gel -T.A.P gel New Set$65

Dipping powder

Nature Nail

Dip 1 color $45

Dip ombre$55


Dip 1 color$55

Dip ombre$65

Please carefully choose color; extra charges up to 20$ will apply if client wants to change to another color *

Add On


Ombre 2-3-4 colors$10-$25-$35

Ombre with gel color$25


French with color gel base $15

Special French$20

Long Nail$7-$12-$15-$20-$25+

Special glitter$10

Multi Colors
(3 colors or more)$7

3D Design$15+

Callus remove$10

Paraffin hot wax $10

Collagen treatment $12

Color change hands Regular $12

Color change toes Regular $17

Color change hands gel $25

Color change toes gel $30

Gel Color change on acrylic $30

Nail repair$5+

Cuticle Therapy $12

Nails trim & reshape $10

Shinny buff$7

Ingrow Toenails treatment $10

Massage 10 mins $15

Nails remove With service $7

Nails remove without service $15

2 nails

Design simple$7

Magnet design$7

Sand sugar$7

Design combine$8-$9-$10-$12+

Chrome/ Cat eyes$7

10 nails

Design simple$25

Magnet design$25

Sand sugar$25

Design combine$35-$40-$45-$50+

Chrome/ Cat eyes$15

Young “Men And Women” Services

Gel kid $10



Pedicure & Manicure$40

color change hands$10 (regular)

color change hands$20 (gel)

color change toes $15 (regular)

color change toes $25 (gel)

Young “Men And Women” Have a FREE Simple Design*

Young “Men And Women” Have To Be Under 9 Years Old*



Chin/ Lips $7

Fullface $40

Sideburns $15

Full arms$45

Half arms $30

Toes and hands $10

Half Legs$40

Full Legs$60



Full back$50




Full arms$45


Red wine -champagne-mimosa- orange juice- apple juice-Vietnamese coffee- olong tea- green tea- coke-sprite

Free drink for all service

Must be 21 or older to be served alcohol

Our Booking Policy

♥ If you require an appointment 15 minutes before closing time or an appointment before opening time,
you will be charged 20% for the overtime fee on that service or pay with cash without an overtime fee.
♥ A deposit of $10 per service is required for booking, and deposit refund is not automatic.
♥ No show protection will be charged $10
♥ Late 15 mins, cancel or move an appointment 2 hours before the appointment time will be charged $5
♥ If nail techs are 20-min late, you will get a discount of 10% on that service.
♥ Notice: The colors on nails may be different from the sample.